Board of Directors

Tatiana Shlomovich

Jonathan Twersky
Vice President

Ms. Lola Barbarash

Malky Akerman

Nicholas D. Sher

Rubin Margulis

Alex Margulis

Rabbi Hershel Okinov

Rabbi Faivel Rimler

Rabbi Solomon Simpson

Alexander Sirotin

Rabbi B. A. Zushe Winner

Dr. Steven Poznyansky

Mr. Samuel Bykov

Alla Popov

Dr. Joseph Kleynerman


I came to the United States from the Soviet Union looking for a better life for my family. I had limited opportunities because of my lack of English and no financial resources. I came to SJCC and attended free ESL classes. I then was able to enroll in their job training program to become a Dental office receptionist. I am not employed and grateful to the support SJCC provided me.