Board of Directors

Tatiana Shlomovich

Jonathan Twersky
Vice President

Lola Barbarash

Malky Akerman

Nicholas D. Sher

Rubin Margulis

Rabbi Hershel Okinov

Rabbi Faivel Rimler

Alexander Sirotin

Rabbi B. A. Zushe Winner

Dr. Steven Poznyansky

Samuel Bykov


“I had an issue that I was not able to resolve. I was being double charged by two different communication companies for the same service and I was not able to get the issue taken care of on my own. I went to my case worker at SJCC who helped me file a complaint with the FCC. Three weeks later I got a refund for the amount I was over charged. I would never have been able to file this complaint without my case worker’s help.”

V.K. 81