Young Israel of Kings Bay
(Congregation Bnai Israel)
Rabbi David Simpson
Cell 718-490-3090
3007 Ocean Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Hebrew Alliance
Rabbi Okinov
Cell 718-916-3895
2901 Brighton 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Jewish Center of Brighton Beach
Rabbi Tokarsky
Cell 718-812-0779
2915 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Manhattan Beach Jewish Center
Rabbi Yehoshua Zelikovitz
Cell 718-930-1569
60 West End Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235

New Brighton Jewish Center
Rabbi Feivel Rimler
Cell 917-841-1350
184 Brighton 11th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Oceanview Jewish Center
Rabbi Laskin 347-993-2144
Yakov Lipovetsky
Cell 917-539-0697
3100 Brighton 4th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Sea Breeze Jewish Center
Rabbi Zushe Winner
Cell 646-296-9021
311 Sea Breeze Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11224

Young Israeof Brighton Beach
Rabbi Ephraim Zaltzman
Cell 917-543-3785
293 Neptune Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235
648-0843 / 648-8169

Beach Heaven Jewish Center
Rabbi Moshe Dovid Winner
Cell 718-687-7844
723 Avenue Z
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Congregation Meor Chaim of Luna Park
2880 West 12th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11224

Temple Beth Abraham
Rabbi Samuel Berger
home: 718- 946-8577
301 Sea Breeze Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11224

Congregation Sharay Torah
Rabbi Plutchok
Cell 347-439-0333
98 West End Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Temple Beth El
Rabbi Kupchick
Cell 917-696-9535
111 West End Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Avenue Z Jewish Center
Rabbi Jacobson
Cell 917-815-4547
875 Avenue Z
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Shore Park Jewish Center
Rabbi William Golub
Cell 917-2162543
2959 Avenue Y
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Ohel David and Shlomo Torah Israel Congregation
Rabbi Bitton
710 Shore Blvd.
Brighton Beach, NY

Chabad of Sheepshead Bay
Rabbi Shlomo Cohen
Cell 646-523-9608
731 Montauk Court
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Chabad Neshama Center
Rabbi Silver
2997 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11235

I was the first member of my family to come to the United States. I was told by friends who had come before me that I could get help with applying for a green card and getting papers for my family to join me at SJCC. I was worried at first because most agencies that provide this service charge for it. I was happy to find out that not only did SJCC help free of charge they also helped me apply for a fee waiver so I would not need to pay the fees for the applications. With the help of SJCC I was able to get my green card and later finalized my citizenship documents. My wife and children soon joined me as well. Today my children are all in college and graduate school and have been able to thrive because of the support we got from SJCC.