May 01, 2023

Technology Classes

Technology classes flyer

Free Technology Classes

Available in English and Russian.

WeeK 1 – Computer Basics
Week 2 – Introduction to Email
Week 3 – Internet
Week 4 – Google Suite
Week 5 – Social Media

Please view/download this PDF for information on groups being formed and other details.

Technology classes flyer

I arrived in the United States in 1998. I came to SJCC because I was told they would be able to help me settle in the United States. My case worker noticed that I did not have a lot going on and did not have many friends or family in the United States. I was asked if I wanted to volunteer in the food pantry. That was the beginning of my 20 year journey as a volunteer at SJCC. Today I sit at the front desk at SJCC every day as a receptionist. This gives me the opportunity to be around interesting people and make friends. I am grateful to SJCC for the opportunities it has given me as a client and a volunteer.